Summer by the River: Bamako Overground

180617 Bamako Overground

Born in the inspired mind of London’s own Malian rhythm buff, vocalist and band leader Hans Sutton, Bamako Overground have been busy forging a curious new sound. The trio are irresistibly seduced by the music of West Africa, blending its influences overtly and covertly with their own carefully-selected flavours to settle into mystical grooves and rocking desert blues.

Hans plays his distinctive hybrid drum kit, which brought Mandé styles to worldly pop folksters such as Nick Mulvey and Cocos Lovers. He’s flanked by the sparkling guitar of Yaaba Funk co-founder Tobias Sturmer and the hypnotic, heavy bass of folk maestro and Woodburner impresario Theo Bard.

Deep and soulful rhythms meet soaring melodies, while crunching three-part vocal harmonies speak of pilgrimage and placelessness, spinning allegories in Bamanakan and English to complete a brew that’s compelling and utterly unique.