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The Merchant Line

A new 250-metre-long public feature bringing to life the engaging tale of London Bridge City’s rich maritime trading history.

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The Merchant Line consists of a cast bronze strip with an organic, rippling texture representing the River Thames. London Bridge City’s rich maritime trading history as part of The Upper Pool of London are referenced throughout. Designed to encourage exploration and engagement as passers-by walk its length and unearth interesting facts about the area’s rich heritage. This new architectural installation showcases the very best of design and craftsmanship.

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Maritime History

Working closely with the Southwark History Library and The National Archives in Kew, the information represented has been taken directly from Port of London Authority Books.

For centuries, maritime trade from around the world centred on the Upper Pool area of the River Thames, with London’s wharves importing materials for local industries and exporting goods that the area produced. These stories are reflected along the installation for the public to discover the area’s past.

It is said that at its height, London Bridge City's docks were so busy it was possible to cross the entire width of the Thames by walking from ship to ship!

Visit the information panels located at either end of the installation to learn more about The Upper Pool.

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