Summer By The River: Sleeping Together

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Sleeping Together

Renowned for their energetic live shows, Sleeping Together’s sound has been described as “a nod to the upbeat melodies of The Strokes, with a bit of Arctic Monkeys/Libertines angst thrown in”. With a twist on the modern indie rock band, Sleeping Together create a sonic landscape that mirrors the euphoria and heartaches of adolescence, with a distinctive blend of scratchy guitars and poetic storytelling.

Coming off the back of sold-out shows in Manchester and Liverpool, and having amassed 40k listens on their debut releases, Sleeping Together are looking to make 2024 their breakout year. With a catalogue of unreleased songs resulting from a collaboration with the creatives behind Inhaler’s acclaimed debut album, there’ll be no shortage of new releases from the 4-piece indie outfit, to keep you entertained.


Unleashing melodic storms with every song, the 24-year-old solo artist Juju casts swirling mixes of alt-rock, emotive dark pop and electrically charged vocals. Echoes of influences conjure up a blend of PJ Harvey's grit, Kate Bush's ethereal charm and Florence + The Machine's raw power.

This is alt-rock with an impish grin, dark pop with a mischievous wink. It's the kind of music that makes you want to raise a glass, filled with something appropriately infernal, of course, and sing along until your voice hoarse. Juju's charisma is so potent you'd be prepared to sell your soul (and I can do you a good deal if you're in the soul selling market) for a front-row seat at one of her performances

- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

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