Summer By The River: Peng Femme Jam

240719 Peng Femme Jam Pic 3

Peng Femme Jam was born as a reaction to the male-dominated music/jam scene in London, and designed as a gender-diverse live, improvised event. They aim to create an inclusive and nurturing space for women, queer, and trans global majority musicians to play together and build their musicianship.

Peng Femme Jam will curate an exciting evening of music for Summer by the River 2024. Their all-women and non-binary house band will open the night, merging different musical styles, genres and instruments beautifully together, before opening the stage into a live jam.

Creatives: bring your instruments and femme energy to join them on stage for an improvised jam!

Music-lovers: bring good vibes, inclusivity and acceptance to The Scoop and see some incredible grassroots London performers do their thing.

Men welcome to participate in the jam - please join them in celebrating and honouring feminine energy through music and collaboration.

Location: The Scoop