Summer By The River: Potato 5

240809 Potato 5 Pic 1

The Potato Five were one of the few ska bands active during the mid-80's in the UK. Originally an instrumental band, they were later joined by vocalists Floyd Lloyd, and then the Godfather of ska, Laurel Aitken. They made a number of recordings on Gazs Rockin Records including the original version of Sally Brown, Mad About You and the instrumental Western Special. They were signed by Stiff Records, who unfortunately went bust, but the second studio album True Fact had been recorded just in the nick of time and was released on Rackit Records in 1987.

The band played throughout the 80’s, touring UK, Europe, USA and Japan, with Spider Johnson taking over the vocals. The band called it a day in 1990 but reformed in 2022, with 6 of the original members and now perform with guest vocalist Koto aged 9.

Location: The Scoop