Rugby World Cup 2023 Asahi Super Dry Fanzone

Asahi 09092023 2

London Bridge City is proud to present the Rugby World Cup 2023 Asahi Super Dry Fanzone at The Scoop. With the iconic River Thames as the backdrop, fans will have the unparalleled opportunity to watch all 48 matches at our iconic setting.

The viewing experience at The Scoop has been meticulously curated to ensure fans don't miss a single moment. Additional screens will be set up in the pergola and bar areas, ensuring games can be viewed from any vantage point. The massive screen at The Scoop remains a centerpiece for those who want to immerse themselves fully in the game's passion. The pop-up will be open every day during the tournament from 8th September.

On 9th September, England will have their first match against Argentina, with Asahi Super Dry marking the occasion with a watch party hosted by England Rugby World Cup winner Jason Robinson. There will also be the chance to win tournament merchandise!

View match schedule here.