Summer By The River: Fierce Panda Records presents

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Intrepid independent label roustabouts fierce panda present an evening of energised alternative funbags with hyperpop heroes The Manatees, Norwich drunk punkstas Bag of Cans and West Country wild boys Die Twice.

The Manatees

Hailing from the south coast of England, The Manatees combine hip-hop samples, funk inspired bass lines, thrashing guitars and candid lyrics to carve out their own soundscape within modern rock, as evinced by 'Dream In Colour', their debut EP released on Fierce Panda Records in April 2023.

The three school friends now reside in London and flew into 2023 with a severely sold out Pandamonium! show at Dalston Victoria and a new single called 'The Sound', which warranted a Jack Saunders Next Wave interview on BBC Radio 1. Next up came the title track from the EP 'Dream In Colour', another kinetic leftfield dancefloor killer.

The EP openly tackles the anxieties of finding your feet in an ever-changing world. The project emphasises the desperateness and loneliness of growing up, a feeling that seeps through the tracks.

Promo focus track 'How Was I To Know' captures that hyper-popping genre-hopping essence rare.

Bag of Cans

Bag of Cans are a five-piece band birthed from the effervescent swamp which is the Norwich music scene. They have weaved their way through the musical ranks on a sound described as “a gloriously surreal mix of old school indie, Weimar Berlin cabaret and Kinks circa Village Green Preservation Society”, garnering a reputation for their invariably hectic live shows and on-stage antics. Sinewy guitar lines glide between a relentless rhythm section and a penchant for indie-pop vocal-harmonies.

Die Twice

Eclectic, energetic 5-piece rock and roll band, fast gaining a following in the southwest and beyond.

Emitting an explosive wave of high energy, their charismatic stage presence draws in audiences wherever they go. Riotous, hypnotic, vintage but of the moment.

Channelling The Doors, Jeff Buckley, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, they craft their music into their own unique blend of rock and roll with a modern twist for the next generation, spanning folk, Spanish jazz, dub and reggae with occasionally a little 90s hip hop thrown in for good measure.

Their 2022 debut EP ‘Visiting Antonio’ was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Roger Lomas, after which they caught the ear of Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Cradock, who subsequently produced their second EP, ‘An Interaction with Rum’. An album is now in the pipeline.