Summer By The River: Out of the Deep Blue

230726 Out Of The Deep Blue Pic 1 Photo Credit Peter Lopeman

The whirr of the wind cutting across a rocky beach, the whoosh of the waves lapping the shore... The illusion of calm is broken when Eko, a sentient Sea Giant, pads onto dry land. There he encounters young Violet. And that’s where the story begins. Autin Dance Theatre’s sensational outdoor show is a tale told in 2 parts - an interactive promenade and a physical theatre duet - transporting audiences into another world, to tell a story about our own.

Through dance, movement and masterful puppeteering, Out of the Deep Blue dives into the themes of the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis in an outdoor spectacle featuring a 13-foot-tall puppet operated by 5 world-class puppeteers and contemporary dancers.

The show has been designed with children and family audiences in mind, and this magical story about the power of empathy and collaboration speaks to the world at large.

Performances at 1pm and 5pm in Hay's Galleria, plus promenade performances between The Scoop and Hay's Galleria at 12:40 and 4:40.

There will also be a puppet making workshop at 2pm in Hay's Galleria.

Detailed timings as follows:

Promenade: 12:40pm starting at The Scoop
Static Performance: 1-1:30pm in Hay's Galleria
Puppet Making Workshop: 2pm - 3:30pm in Hay's Galleria
Promenade: 4:40 starting from The Scoop
Static Performance: 5-5:30pm in Hay's Galleria