Summer By The River: London Bubble Theatre present South London Stories

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South London is bursting with people and stories. Walk down the street to see romance, crime, action and comedy played out right before your very eyes. Secrets simmer beneath the surface; past experiences linger in the shadows and hope floats along like traffic...

South Hits Differently: A love letter to Camberwell

Poster Girl: Bordering racial lines, a young activist questions her position in the Black Lives Matter movement

Brixton Station: Friendship, manhood and saying goodbye

Car Fumes and Coffee: For the waitress in your local café, a cuppa and good company makes everything ok.

Home Is... : Sights, sounds and a tale of growing up in Lewisham

Tell Us Something Interesting: When interview questions and the rat race make you question what you really want out of life

The Ballad of Josiah Kamara: Life and logic through the eyes of an adolescent boy

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