Summer by the River: Voices Radio Takeover

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Voices Radio

Voices is a fully-fledged community radio station fuelled by london's vibrant creative scene, developing grassroots talent alongside established artists. Streaming live 7 days a week from their studio in Kings Cross, they are a platform for all of the diverse music and discussion that London has to offer.

Indigo Bass & The Funk Labourers

Reimagined Funk & Soul classics from London's rhythm sections. Rhythm sections have long been the 'Manual Labourers' of the music world, chugging away in the background while carrying out strict instructions, but now's your chance to hear them with the freedom to fully play out with creativity and experimentation. This set will be improvised based off the classic structures of funk & soul.

DJ Arnie Wrong

Arnie Wrong is a London based DJ and music producer. Growing up in a multicultural family between Sweden and Poland, she discovered at an early age that music is a universal language connecting people beyond borders.

When not producing club-influenced electronic music, Arnie is busy lighting up some of London’s favourite dance floors with her signature eclectic blend of uplifting funk, disco and house. Recent months saw her gain momentum by supporting the likes of Horse Meat Disco, Mousse T, Todd Terje, Kassian, Lulah Francs, Dr Packer, Kristy Harper, Macca and many more.

Arnie holds monthly residencies on London’s Voices Radio and Loose FM, hosting live radio shows that traverse the global tapestry of funk, disco, boogie and house.