Summer By The River: London Bubble Theatre - South London Stories & Southwark Stories

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South London Stories - South London is bursting with people and stories. You only have to walk down the street to see romance, crime, action and comedy played out right before your very eyes. Secrets simmer beneath the surface; past experiences linger in the shadows and hope floats along like traffic...

Southwark Stories: CARE - Six powerful short films exploring diversity, love and resilience, made in collaboration with care leavers, foster carers and social workers.

London Bubble Theatre’s work is in exploring the themes that matter most to the community, highlighting underheard voices and sharing those quiet narratives that often go underrepresented.

Some viewers may find the themes explored in this collection triggering. Some films include very occasional strong language which may be unsuitable to children, young people or others. Viewer discretion is advised.