Summer By The River: Kitty Liv

220605 Kitty Liv Pic 2 ©Ivan Weiss

When Kitty Liv performs, one is in the presence of a gifted musician, plying her craft and art.

Yes she can play guitar, piano, drums, upright bass and harmonica, but her solo project sees her fronting hand-picked musicians and singing her own songs.

After touring the world for nearly fifteen years with her family band (Kitty, Daisy & Lewis) Kitty's taking to the stage with a new sound. Backed by the astonishing ‘Royal Organ Duo’ and her brother on bass,

Kitty’s live set promises a thrilling mix of original tunes, packed full of solid grooves and charming melodies.

As a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, she is resonating with a wide spectrum of her influences, from Erykah Badu and D’Angelo to blues legend Howlin’ Wolf, to produce a body of personal songs that evoke the primal depths of Soul, Hip-hop and Gospel blues.

You will witness the real, breathing, authentic deal.


PLEASE NOTE: All events are free - no tickets are required. Just turn up and enjoy yourself but be aware that capacity may be limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Pic courtesy of Ivan Weiss