Summer By The River: Angel Shed

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Angel Shed is an inclusive performing arts charity. It is a space for children and young people of all abilities and backgrounds to access the transformative power of participation in the performing arts.

Angel Shed is inclusive in every aspect of their work and provides a creative, and supportive space in which there are no barriers to participation, everyone’s needs are supported, and all voices are listened to and valued.

They actively reach out to those most likely to experience exclusion: those who are economically disadvantaged, those who are disabled, those with social, emotional and mental health needs, those with special educational needs, LGBTQ+ people, young carers, and those from communities experiencing racism and racial inequality.

Angel Shed will showcase original works created and performed by members of their Music Collective and Dance Company.


PLEASE NOTE: All events are free - no tickets are required. Just turn up and enjoy yourself but be aware that capacity may be limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.