Summer By The River: Mike Nisbet

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London-based Scottish singer-songwriter Mike Nisbet's debut album Vagrant caught the imagination of music fans both side of the border.

The heartbreakingly underrated singer-songwriter released his 3rd full length record ‘I Was A Great Lake, Once’ in November 2020. Mastering stripped back folk, string laden piano ballads, and fully beefed out productions to push ever forward to find inspiring way to tell stories of modern love, and pain. ‘I make music to find out how I feel about something, to find out what happened. Then the cheques been paid and I can be free’ writes Nisbet of his new works. With resplendently vivid imagery, entangled with ravishing guitar lines they ensure an honest, connected, and powerful listening experience. A medicine you want to soak into at home with a large libation and a weighty spirit.

Part of a line up for #SummerByTheRiver curated by Folk & Roots

Location: Hay's Galleria

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