Summer By The River: Core & Booty Blast with Sarah Adkin

210906 Bua Fit Sara Adkin Pic

Perk that peach up. Toughen that tuchus. Ramp up the rump etc etc. All rise (and squat) for the regime that guarantees rear of the year. Smash that sedentary lifestyle and get the derriere you deserve in a 2 for 1 class that focuses on your tush and your core strength. A strong core stabilises the body and reduces neck and back pain which has been a common complaint since WFH. It's time to throw off the restraints of office and home living and celebrate two major muscle groups with bodyweight moves to make you sweat.

Location: The Scoop

Part of our programme of free introductory classes from Outdoor Fitness App BUA FIT, taking place every Monday until the 27th September.

Classes are free and you can turn up and sign up on the day, but space is limited so we recommend that book your place in advance https://bit.ly/3jDaJA