Summer By The River: Barre with Casey Brinn

210913 Bua Fit Casey Brinn Pic

Searching for the grace and poise of a ballerina? You've come to the right place.

This class will transform your posture and the way you move. A low impact hybrid class infusing the best of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Barre is renowned for the speed at which it tones and it'll bring to your attention to exactly how you present yourself. You'll leave a foot taller, feeling lighter, and determined to take up more space. Please be warned laughter is Casey's fave core exercise, followed by barre.

Part of our programme of free introductory classes from Outdoor Fitness App BUA FIT, taking place every Monday until the 27th September.

Classes are free and you can turn up and sign up on the day, but space is limited so we recommend that book your place in advance https://bit.ly/3jDaJA