Summer By The River: Bodyweight HIIT with Coach Saima

210712 Bua Fit Saima Pic

Join C4's Sunday Brunch fitness and mindset specialist, Coach Saima, for this bodyweight HIIT class.

Bodyweight exercises use exactly that - the weight of your body only. With less stress on your joints than weight training you can decrease body fat, improve VO2 max, and boost muscle mass with no twinges. All you need to achieve the body of your dreams is, well, your own body. Be your own barbell and never wait for a squat rack or bench again.

The first in our programme of free introductory classes from Outdoor Fitness App BUA FIT, taking place every Monday until the 27th September.

Classes are free and you can turn up and sign up on the day, but space is limited so we recommend that book your place in advance https://bit.ly/3jDaJAW

Location: The Scoop