Summer By The River: Fiya House Hip Hop Weekender

210828 Fiya House

Fiya House Hip Hop Weekender is a dance event for all ages. Featuring interactive workshops for all the family - learn your top-rock from your Bart Simpson and your two-step from your cabbage patch! Watch pop-up performances from world-renowned dance artists, incredible live DJs, and some of the UK’s finest youth dance talent - bringing together local people to celebrate community spirit.

Presented by Fiya House and Team London Bridge.

Fiya House is a world-renowned collective of dance artists based in London and has been a positive and consistent presence in the UK Popping community since 2012. Founded by Dickson Mbi and Brooke Milliner, Fiya House is committed to supporting the next generation of young dancers in the UK. Providing a network for community growth, the collective develops well- rounded individuals who feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves. Bringing people together and creating a legacy for what they do is key to Fiya House’s vision.

Each year, Fiya House promotes growth for the UK Hip Hop scene by delivering weekly not-for-profit training sessions in London, as well as hosting international dance pioneers to teach workshops and judge prestigious events like Popcity UK.