Summer By The River: EMOM with Gabor Trapp

210823 Bua Fit Gabor Trapp Pic

Fitness polymath, Gabor Trapp, leads an excellent EMOM session, which means Every Minute On the Minute. So you'll crush cherry picked bodyweight exercises over and over until you feel the heat. Expect plyometric delights, jumping, agility moves, drop squats, lunges, mountain climbers, skater jumps and so on. No muscle will be left untouched.

With Gabor on hand to perfect your form you won’t want to cheat yourself by giving it less than your absolute all.

This is fitness FUN with a capital F.

Location: The Scoop

Part of our programme of free introductory classes from Outdoor Fitness App BUA FIT, taking place every Monday until the 27th September.

Classes are free and you can turn up and sign up on the day, but space is limited so we recommend that book your place in advance https://bit.ly/3jDaJAW