Summer by the River: Mrs H and the Sing-Along Band

190608 Mrs H And The Sing Along Band

Bringing together elements of Folk, Soul, Afro, Latin, Dub, comedy and theatre this unique band present the ‘sing-along’ with a new lease of life for all the family to join in with

Mrs H and the Sing-along band bring their unique family music to Summer By The River for the first time. Their aim is to provide quality music for children, that adults will love too.

Headed up by Mrs H on lead vocals and guitar, the all star band includes members of Red snapper, Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo, Beth Orton’s band and The Leisure Society, on an array of instruments including guitars, banjos, double bass, accordion and trumpet.

Bring your voices, silly dances, a sprinkling of mischief and don’t hold back from joining in the fun!

Mrs H will also be hosting a sing-along workshop before the show, at Hay’s Galleria at 11am.

“Sing along is always a powerful reminder that life can be full of joy even in the hardest of times” The Royal Court

“With her unique spirit she can woo capacity audiences to sing, dance and forget the world outside” Camp Bestival