Summer by the River: The Ragged Out String Band

190720 The Ragged Out String Band Pic

The Ragged Out String Band play an infectious and energetic take on old-time Appalachian folk music, Americana and bluegrass, with a songbook that runs from mid 19th century to the birth of bluegrass in the 1940s and beyond. Comprised of Emily Smith (fiddle) and Andy Quelch (guitar) joined by Hilary Gowen on banjo, you can expect fiery fiddle tunes and tight vocal harmonies backed up by a driving guitar & banjo rhythm section. The band’s joyous energy is matched by a deep knowledge of American folk & roots music and a wonderfully authentic sound. ‘The Ragged Out String Band’s musicianship is top-notch’ say British Bluegrass News, while Old Time News praise their ‘honest, well-executed performance with brilliant playing’.