Summer by the River: Eyes for Gertrude

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Eyes For Gertrude are a British female duo who write full-hearted, unforgettable songs about real things. Piano pulsed, accordion tinged, guitar swooned songs are shaped around captivating observations of the everyday. Infused in their striking sound is a combination of musical influences, focusing on the balance between evocative and haunting harmonies, whilst always maintaining a skewed pop sensibility.

Eyes For Gertrude recorded their debut album ‘Residential Bliss’ in Vancouver, it’s produced by internationally renowned Canadian producer Ben Mink. Ben has worked with, and produced, countless international artists including Feist and Canadian chanteuse K.D.Lang. The album echoes a variety of genres and Ben Mink’s signature strings can be heard throughout the album, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and unique. Most remarkable is the coming together of their two voices – Chantelle Pike’s distinctive vocal suggests a modern day Patsy Cline, rife with deft melody and packed with heartbreaking turns and flourishes, while Hannah Dean sings like she’s from the same planet as Julee Cruise.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is FREE and is subject to first come first serve basis.