Summer by the River: King Arthur

King Arthur

Arthur is chosen as the unlikely King of a mythical, medieval England. Aided by the wizard Merlin, he must unite a fractured kingdom.

Leading a new breed of honourable knights, he establishes a golden age for England but peace and harmony are threatened by rivalry and unexpected betrayals of the heart, including the love of Arthur's queen, Guinevere for his best friend, Lancelot.

A romantic, action packed and dramatic account of one Britain's best-loved legends.

In August, Discover or re-discover King Arthur from Wednesday to Saturday at 7.30pm and Sundays at 5.30pm.

Special performances:

17th at 7.30pm - Captioned performance

25th at 6.30pm - Relaxed performance - this entails accommodating people with autism, learning disabilities and other sensory needs.

26th at 5.30pm - Parents and Babies performance

PLEASE NOTE: This event is FREE and is subject to first come first serve basis.